Powerful gas burners as an integral part your countertop

PITT cooking is a cooking system whereby gas burners are installed within the countertop. Thanks to the substantial distance between burners you will now always have enough space for your pots and pans.  Thanks to an assortment of varying configurations there is a perfect choice for everyone. Or combine different configurations to suit your needs and desires.

                  • Integrated (gas) cooking system
                  • Robust cast iron grates 
                  • A selection of burners: from low to powerful, high flame
                  • Substantial distance between burners 
                  • Application to any favorite countertop material selected 
                  • Safe and certified 
                  • Made by hand in the Netherlands

Our entire assortment is  founded  on on three different burners:  small, medium and a combined wok/simmer burner (operated by a single knob).  Simmer for hours, stir fry over a high flame  or quickly  bring water to a boil— every cooking technique is addressed.  Optimal burner performance is achieved through very cleverly designed air intake from above which provides a fast, powerful and efficient flame.  Professional cooking in your kitchen at home!




Stir frying as it’s meant to be

The PITT cooking wok ring is dedicated to the best authentic stir frying.  The principal inspiration for its design is traditional Chinese wok cookery.  Thanks to  three finger-like bars  the wok always remains stable.  The carefully calculated height and rounding of the ring cause the precisely controlled flame to be received by the wok at just the right place. Fast and powerful cooking over a high flame. The wok ring is specifically designed to be used with the combined wok/simmer burner and is provided with every model that has a wok/simmer burner.

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