Surface Sourcing and Selection

Our expert team will assist you in finding the best suited material for your requirement, from tiles to large format slabs across Porcelain, Quartz and Natural Stone. We will guide you from colour selection to size as well as the correct technical application for your space.

Rendering and inhouse design

Rendering is the creation of realistic or artistic images that show how a design will look in its intended environment and allows the client to visualize the final design. Our in-house design team assists in the conceptual phase of the project and works closely with interior designers, decorators and architects to ensure that there is more control, collaboration, and consistency in the design process.

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is a versatile and precise cutting manufacturing process that uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut through various materials. By loading the CAD file, the jet cuts as per the design and allows for intricate cut outs, organic shapes and is especially useful for underslung basins and 6mm stone.

The process involves pressurizing water to extremely high levels, typically between 30,000 and 90,000 pounds per square inch (psi), and then directing it through a small nozzle. The nozzle has a tiny orifice, usually made of synthetic diamond, which concentrates the water into a high-speed jet.

Surface Finishing

From texturing, acid washing, polishing, grooving and sandblasting, we offer a range of surface finishing services that adds texture and enhance the finish of Natural Stone tiles and slabs.

Fluting and grooving of stone

Fluting and grooving are two techniques used in stone carving and sculpting to enhance the appearance and add decorative elements to the surface of the stone. Fluting involves creating shallow, concave grooves or channels on the surface of marble. These grooves can be straight or curved and are typically evenly spaced. Fluting is achieved by using specialized machinery to carefully remove small amounts of material along the desired path, creating the desired groove pattern.

Bridgesaw cutting

A specialized machine that has a large hydraulic table that allows for ease of loading full slabs. The material is cut with a blade and water and this is effective for straight and angular cuts often used in kitchen counters, islands, vanities, fireplaces and stair cases.

Custom Furniture

We offer a custom range of natural stone and sintered stone furniture, designed and fabricated by Continua. Our services are extended to the local design industry and we work alongside our clients to create the intended curated design.

Edge Profiling:

Edge profiling is achieved by using diamond profiling tools or specialized machinery to shape and smooth the edges of the tile or slab according to the chosen profile. Common options include bullnose, beveled, square across worktops, steps and pool coping. We also offer custom profiles which is a popular choice for furniture and fireplace mantles.

Marble Seamless Flooring

Marble seamless flooring refers to the installation of marble flooring without visible seams or joints. It creates a continuous, smooth surface, enhancing the elegance and visual appeal of the floor. Finishes that can be achieved with this application will be ultra-polished, polished or matt with colour matched epoxy grouting. 

Natural Stone cleaning, sealing and refurbishment of stone

Natural Stone cleaning involves the process of removing dirt and stains from marble surfaces to restore the natural beauty. Once thoroughly cleaned, the surface is then applied with a sealant that helps protect it from staining and damage by creating a barrier on the surface that prevents any stains from penetrating the porous stone. Refurbishment of stone is the repairing cracks, chips, or voids in the surface by using an epoxy or resin filler which is matched to the stone. Once the filler is dry, the repaired area is polished and finished to match the rest of the marble surface. This may involve using abrasive pads or sandpaper to achieve a smooth and seamless result.


Technical Tiling and large format tiling

Technical tiling and large format tiling are specialized approaches to tiling surfaces, such as floors or walls with tiles that are larger in size compared to traditional tiles.

Technical tiling involves the precise installation of these tiles to ensure they perform optimally and meet the desired technical specifications. Large format tiling involves the use of tiles that are significantly larger in size compared to standard tiles, allowing for a more seamless and visually appealing look when installed. Large format tiles are popular for creating a modern and spacious aesthetic in both residential and commercial spaces. However, their installation requires careful planning and expertise to ensure proper support and adherence to the substrate, as the larger size can pose challenges in terms of weight distribution and potential cracking. Our team of installers are trained in both approaches and we offer a supply and fit service for all large format product such as Neolith, Infinity and Dekton.

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