Marble has been a common design element in kitchens for ages but now this luxe stone is making a serious statement in other spaces too, like the dining and living room and especially in the form of freestanding furniture and accents in and around your space.

Shape and form being challenged with our V styled marble fluting. A sneak preview on what we have been developing in our fabrication. Working on a range of 5 designs. Custom designed marble tables with Continua. Meet with one of our in-house designers, select your material and together curate a unique personalised piece of furniture.

Marble is naturally elegant, known for it’s versatility and ability to transform spaces with its organic movements, veining and colouration. When designing a home or any type of structure, there are many ways that you can incorporate marble into your design. Marble can be used to create luxurious bathrooms, elegant flooring, and breathtaking fireplaces, not to mention an array of unique objet to style your home.

From minimalist and modern to ornate and traditional, we have seen a strong growth in the number of large, linear and contemporary gas fireplaces being installed this year. From large format sintered stone slabs to uniquely patterned marbles and granites, our range of stone surfaces offers a colour, tone and texture for all design styles.

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