An emerging trend in the world of interior design, fluted marble tiles create a dramatic and timeless feature element in the home. Fluted marble tiles can be used throughout your interiors to add a luxurious, textured detail that will complement just about any style of design, from an ultra-modern home to a classic, traditionally styled space. Finishes that feature a fluted design are being created using a vast range of materials from kitchen cabinetry, wall panels and of course tiles! These exciting new tiles all feature the trending fluted look and each option is available in a range of sizes as well as marble varieties.

What are Fluted Marble Tiles?

Drawing inspiration from classic ancient architecture of Greece and Rome, fluted marble tiles are created using repeating curves for a luxurious effect. Made of luscious natural marble, you will find fluted tiles available in a vast range of naturally occurring colours from soft blush, mint and of course, traditional white, grey or charcoal tones.

Where can I use Fluted Marble Tiles?

Due to their unique style and shape, fluted tiles are restricted to vertical applications only as they can of course pose a trip hazard if used as a floor tile. They can be used as a cladding for feature walls throughout the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen and even as a dramatic finishing touch to your living area where lighting can also be incorporated into your design to highlight the curved surface of the marble and accentuate the soft shadows.

Fluted marble tile varieties are also becoming a popular feature in kitchen design. Fluted marble columns for example, can be installed as a support system for an overhanging benchtop seating area for an elegant touch. These 3D effect tiles can also be used to clad the face of your kitchen island to create a stylish decorative feature in your overall kitchen design scheme as well as a unique kitchen splashback tile option.

For those looking for a more detailed effect, the Curve collection is also available in an elegant slim format, perfect for vertical applications in your interior. This stunning natural marble collection is available in four different varieties: Ming Marble, New York Marble, Crema Trav Marble and the ever popular, Carrara Marble.

How to Clean Marble Tiles

Being a natural stone, marble is a porous material which means it can be susceptible to staining or discolouration if not cleaned and maintained correctly. Cleaning products that are specific to natural stone tiles are the safest choice when it comes to caring for your marble tiles as these solutions are gentle enough to not cause damage to the material while still providing a deep and thorough cleanse.

Certain types of stone cleaning products will also include a small amount of sealant within the solution which will gently refresh the sealant used on the marble’s surface and greatly lengthen the time intervals between re-sealing. Natural stones such as marble must be sealed at installation and then every few years thereafter to ensure the material remains well looked after. A quality tile sealer will help reduce the severity of staining or discolouration making sealing your marble tiles a very important step! You will find more detailed information on sealing and cleaning your natural stone tiles from one of our team member where you will also note several different product recommendations that will assist you in caring for your new natural stone tiles.

Fluted marble tiles offer an opulent, organic textured surface finish for the home that can be used in all areas to create a dramatic feature element. These tiles are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry and even in creating a decorative feature wall in other areas of the home such as the living or dining space. Our Showroom has a vast range of displays for you to choose from; visit our showroom or schedule a free online consultation to start working on your next project!