We are often asked what the upcoming trends for the season are, across all surfaces. A trend is a trend, the general direction in which something is changing or moving towards! At Continua,  we believe that when investing in your home, it is key to be exposed to what is on trend but to customize this to your individual taste level, to incorporate the hot new colour or design feature into the space you wish to create and make sure that your vision compliments your other living areas. Top trends for 2020 include Marble slabs, Concealed Shower trays, bringing in hues of Dusty Pastels, a wide array of Decorative tiles and featuring Faux Wood flooring in your bathroom.

One of the leading trends in bathrooms is the use of WHITE MARBLE SLABS with tones of grey movements featuring in both bathroom and kitchens. This pristine marble can be interpreted as both classic and timeless and well as lend itself to modern and minimalist designs. Using Marble in your is always an investment as it adds to the value of your property and is a luxurious and beautiful feature in any bathroom. Book matching slabs as a wall feature is still prevalent and adds a dramatic wow factor, especially in simplistic designs. Book matching is when the veining of 2 slabs cut from the same block of marble meets up and creates a spectacular mirror effect. Using slabs also decreases the number of joints/ grout lines giving the appearance of the floor being once piece of marble. This seamless flooring can also be achieved by applying an epoxy grout, expertly matched to the predominant tone of the material, and then grinding down the surface of the marble to remove any lippage, giving a look and feel of a continuous floor application.

Moving to CONCEALED and CONTEMPORARY SHOWER TRAYS, gone are the days of shower floors tiled with grouted 100×100 tiles or mosaic sheets with visible shower drains!  Concealed or even invisible drainage is the smart solution to gorgeous walk in showers. Customize water jet patterns, allowing for water drainage, can be used across any drain design or tile surface. Marble slabs or tiles can be texturized by acid washing it to ensure that the surface has a good grip and allow for a full marble floor with a bespoke drain detail completing any bathroom design.

HUES OF PASTEL SHADES is a huge emerging trend and mood enhancer in interior design. It can we used as a highlight colour amongst cream or grey colour palettes or as a true statement mixed with other shades of the same tonality. Generally, colours opposite on the colour wheel tend to pop when placed together! Soft, washed pastels like mint greens, sandy pinks and denim blues will totally re-imagine simple modern interiors or add a spark of interest to more classic ones.

The trending use of DECORATIVE TILES to add texture or colour in a bathroom is huge! This trend stretches across shapes, prints and matte and glazed surfaces. Hexagon, 3D, triangular and geometric shapes play a key role within this trend especially when contrasted grouts and metal inlays are used. The traditional metro tiles have also been reinvented in terms of colours, textures and modern twists on the shapes. A tip when using metro tiles in a small area is to lay them in a horizontal pattern to create the feeling of space and a vertical pattern to create the perception of height. Bohemian inspired decorative tiles lend itself to exotic colour combinations and pattern designs. These tiles can be a bit busy and overpowering if you get carried away but teamed with wooden elements and thought out placement, it creates a vibrant focal surface in any home. Tiles with a matte finish offer excellent grip and slip resistance. Also, the more grout lines in an area, offers a more slip resistant surface, making these perfect for wet-room floors.

Porcelain wood look alike tiles, also known as FAUX TIMBER, offers the same warmth and natural feel as the real oak or wooden planks. Now it is possible to bring the organic wood feeling into your bathroom design without the worry of moisture damaging your floor. These faux wooden tiles offer a variety of finishes from natural oak to rustic, whitewashed worn planks perfect for beach houses inspired bathrooms. Herringbone patterns always adds a touch of luxury and even continuing the tiles up onto a wall area creates a stunning feature. This is best teamed with clean and contrasting light coloured tiles to restore the balance to the room. Adding a living wall of greenery will pop both the wood and white and bringing all the elements together. Before you lay your porcelain wood look alike tile, do a mock dry lay so that you are able to play around with your placement of each tile. This way you can adjust each tile to ensure that you achieve optimal colour and wood grain variation before gluing them down with adhesive! Also, we suggest using a 1-2mm spacer so that the grout line is as fine as possible. You may even get away with no grouting at all, which will give you a very natural overall appearance. If you do wish to complete the look with adding a touch of grout, we highly recommend custom mixing your grout using beige, ivory and brown to achieve the best colour match as possible to achieve a seamless flooring look.

Those are our top 5 bathroom trends to look out for in 2020. We have all of these on display in our showroom, so please pop by for a coffee and chat to me or anyone in our team about how you can incorporate some of these hot new trends into your home!